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12971Thur aftTBC11/30/201700:00:00 Score
12972Thu eve pairsTBC11/30/201700:00:00 Score
12969Wed aftTBC11/29/201700:00:00 Score
12968Tues aftTBC11/28/201700:00:00 Score
12960Mon AMTBC11/27/201700:00:00 Score
12961Mon aftTBC11/27/201700:00:00 Score
12959Play and LearnTBC11/25/201700:00:00 Score
12956Friday am November 24, 2017TBC11/24/201700:00:00 Score
12958Fri aftTBC11/24/201700:00:00 Score
12953Thursday AMTBC11/23/201700:00:00 Score
12954Thur aftTBC11/23/201700:00:00 Score
12955Thurs Night Open PairsTBC11/23/201700:00:00 Score
12950Wed aft CharityTBC11/22/201700:00:00 Score
12951Fall IMP League - FinalTBC11/22/201700:00:00 Score
12948Tuesday Morning PairsTBC11/21/201700:00:00 Score
12949Tues aftTBC11/21/201700:00:00 Score
12944Mon AMTBC11/20/201700:00:00 Score
12945Mon aftTBC11/20/201700:00:00 Score
12946Fall IMP League - SemisTBC11/20/201700:00:00 Score
12943Play and LearnTBC11/18/201700:00:00 Score
12940Friday A.M.TBC11/17/201700:00:00 Score
12941Fri aftTBC11/17/201700:00:00 Score
12936Thursday AMTBC11/16/201700:00:00 Score
12938Thu AFTTBC11/16/201700:00:00 Score
12939The eve open pairsTBC11/16/201700:00:00 Score