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140380-199ersTBC1/15/201800:00:00 Score
14037Play and LearnTBC1/13/201800:00:00 Score
14034Friday am January 12, 2018TBC1/12/201800:00:00 Score
14036Winter IMP week 1TBC1/12/201800:00:00 Score
14032TBC Jan 11 Jr. Fund 0-1000 PairsTBC1/11/201800:00:00 Score
14033Thursday Night OpenTBC1/11/201800:00:00 Score
14029Tue morning 0-499TBC1/9/201800:00:00 Score
14030Alta VistaTBC1/9/201800:00:00 Score
14028Mon AM supervisedTBC1/8/201800:00:00 Score
14027Thu eve Jan 4 open pairsTBC1/7/201800:00:00 Score
14026Play and LearnTBC1/6/201800:00:00 Score
14025Friday MorningTBC1/5/201800:00:00 Score
14023TBC Jan 4 0-1000 PairsTBC1/4/201800:00:00 Score
14021TBC Jan. 2 0-499 PairsTBC1/2/201800:00:00 Score
14022Tues - Alta VistaTBC1/2/201800:00:00 Score
14019Friday MorningTBC12/29/201700:00:00 Score
14020Fri aftTBC12/29/201700:00:00 Score
14015BC- Dec 28 0-1000 PairsTBC12/28/201700:00:00 Score
14016Thur aftTBC12/28/201700:00:00 Score
14017Thu eve pairsTBC12/28/201700:00:00 Score
14014Wed aftTBC12/27/201700:00:00 Score
14012Tue 0-399TBC12/26/201700:00:00 Score
14013Tues aftTBC12/26/201700:00:00 Score
14011Thu eve oen pairsTBC12/24/201700:00:00 Score
14010Play and LearnTBC12/23/201700:00:00 Score