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141380-199ersTBC3/19/201800:00:00 Score
14135Fri 0-1000 Fri AMTBC3/17/201800:00:00 Score
14136Play and LearnTBC3/17/201800:00:00 Score
141330-1000 Thu AMTBC3/15/201800:00:00 Score
14134Thu eve stratifiedTBC3/15/201800:00:00 Score
14132Traccif beater Wed AMTBC3/14/201800:00:00 Score
141300-499'ers Tue AMTBC3/13/201800:00:00 Score
141290-199ersTBC3/12/201800:00:00 Score
14127Play and LearnTBC3/10/201800:00:00 Score
14126Friday am March 9, 2018TBC3/9/201800:00:00 Score
14123Thu 0-1000 pairsTBC3/8/201800:00:00 Score
14124Thu EVE stratified pairsTBC3/8/201800:00:00 Score
141210-199'ers Mon AMTBC3/7/201800:00:00 Score
14122Home style pairs traffic beaterTBC3/7/201800:00:00 Score
14120Tue AM 0-499 pairsTBC3/6/201800:00:00 Score
14118Equalized Swiss TeamsTBC3/3/201800:00:00 Score
14117Fri AM 0-1000TBC3/2/201800:00:00 Score
14113Thu AM 0-1000 pairsTBC3/1/201800:00:00 Score
14114Fri 0-1000 Feb 23 STaCTBC3/1/201800:00:00 Score
14115Thu EVE stratified pairsTBC3/1/201800:00:00 Score
14111Wed traffic beaterTBC2/28/201800:00:00 Score
14112Winter IMP semisTBC2/28/201800:00:00 Score
14110Tue AM 0-499 pairsTBC2/27/201800:00:00 Score
141090-199ersTBC2/26/201800:00:00 Score
14106Sun Swiss teams STaCTBC2/25/201800:00:00 Score